The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D, commonly called “the sunshine vitamin” plays an important role in almost every area of the body, including heart, skin, prostate, breast and kidney health. It bolsters the immune system and helps prevent dementia.

How much do we require on a daily basis?

Doctors and researchers generally recommend 200 international units (IU) for children, 400 for adults and 600 for seniors.

How do we get enough?

Eat D-rich foods:-

1 Cup sardines with bones = 288 IU                                                                                 3 oz. canned salmon with bones = 328 IU

2 large regular eggs = 82 IU                                                                                                2 large free-range eggs = 246-492 IU

4 oz. liver = 59 IU

1 tsp fermented cod liver oil = 2,000 IU                                                                          Enriched milk = 115-124 IU

Sun Exposure:-

Face, arms, hands exposed for 20 minutes; or 20 minutes in a bathing suit = 10,000-25,000 IU

Keep in mind:-

You cannot produce enough vitamin D during the winter months from sunshine if you live above the 35th parallel. Supplementation should be considered.

D3, in combination with magnesium and vitamin K is very powerful. I always look for a supplement with a phyotozyme base to further increase the absorption.

Because it’s very difficult to get too much vitamin D, and because not getting enough has multiple downsides, why not supplement and try to get a little extra sunlight every day?

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