Nordic Pole Walking


Nordic Pole Walking is one of the cheapest, most beneficial and fastest growing exercises on the planet. It is low impact, and provides cardiovascular and resistance training in one fluid motion.

With only a decent pair of walking shoes and set of collapsible poles you will exercise 90% of your body muscles during a Nordic pole walk.  It is easy on the joints, great for posture, and doesn’t hurt your back. It can be done anywhere, anytime and on any terrain.

Pole walking exercises not just the legs, but also the upper body and core. That is why it is so effective.  A one-hour walk with poles at a moderate pace burns 600-900 calories. This compares to the 240 calories burned with slow jogging, the 240 by walking and the 440 by aerobics, all in the same time frame.

Scientific Studies:-

  1. Nordic Pole Walking burns up to 46% more calories than walking without poles or moderate jogging. (Cooper Institute, 2004, Dallas & Others).
  2. Increases heart & cardiovascular training by 25%. (Foley, 1994, Jordan 2001, Morss et al. 2001, Pocari, 1997).
  3. Incorporates 90% of all body muscles in one exercise and increases endurance of arm, neck & shoulder muscles up to 38%, (Karawan et al. 1992).
  4. Diabetes Type 2. Improves metabolism, reduces insulin resistance & reduces medication drastically within three months. (M. Nischwitz et. al 2006).
  5. High Blood Pressure. Reduces high blood pressure by 18 mmHg within eight weeks. (Ishikawa et. al. 1999; C. Diehm, 2007).
  6. Eliminates back, shoulder and neck pain. (Attila et. al 1999 and others).
  7. 26% Less impact on hip, knee & foot joints. (Wilson et al., 2001, Hagen 2006, and others).
  8. Increases production of positive hormones. (R.M. Klatz et. al, 1999, Dharma Singh Khalsa, 1997).
  9. Supports stress management and mental disorders. (Stoughton, 1992; Mommert-Jauch, 2003).
  10. Develops upright body posture. (Schloemmer, 2005).

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