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Can you use some extra income, and are you interested in health? Why not take a look at the incredible opportunity offered by the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise?

This Franchise will enable you to build your own business on your own time, without interfering with what you are doing already.

It is almost risk free. Juice Plus handles order processing, shipping, billing and collecting. There are no monthly sales quotas to meet and no territories. And, every month, without fail, deposits your earnings in your bank account.

And, you will have the satisfaction of helping people become healthier with a product you can be proud of.

I am frequently asked why this product is not sold in stores. Juice Pus+ is part of a growing class of cutting edge products that are better sold through word-of-mouth marketing.

Why? Because it is the best way to educate the buyer on the value of the product and because shipping a product directly from the producer to the consumer keeps costs down.

That’s why so many Fortune 500 companies and Wall St. investors such as Warren Buffet are moving into direct sales with their best-quality products.

If this catches your imagination, and you would like to be part of the growing health and wellness movement contact me and let’s talk.