Did You Forget Your Skis?

Did you forget your skis? Are you looking for snow? I occasionally still hear remarks like these when I am out walking with my poles. What these people don't know is that I am participating in one of the most effective and fastest growing exercises on the planet. Nordic walking was developed in Europe [...]

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The Tower Garden Is A Growing Sensation

A 5' tall, seemingly space-age Tower is not the first thing you might think of as a garden, but this tower will grow nutritious vegetables, herbs and flowers inside or outside, winter or summer without soil and in a fraction of the time of conventional gardening. The Tower uses aeroponics to grow plants in [...]

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Healthier Baking For The Holiday Season

Reducing fat and sugar in your holiday baking doesn't have to mean reducing flavour. Here are a few suggestions from WebMd, one of my favourite sources for reliable nutritional advice. Cut Fat & Sugar With Figs Fig packs more fiber and more minerals than any other domesticated fruit, including calcium, iron, and potassium. Soak 8 [...]

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