Who Am I?

I am a person who enjoys sharing all I have learned about making life easy, healthy and fun.

I love sharing tips for healthy living so we can all live better, but only science backed tips from high level, reliable sources sources.

Too many women our age have so many responsibilities to juggle!

We balance work, marriage, kids, grandkids and much more! It is so important, as we age, to find simple ways to remain vibrant and strong so that we can continue to keep caring for ourselves and our families.

So the information I share about anti-aging and disease prevention is simple, and doesn’t take up a lot of time.

I grow most of my own veggies vertically, I LOVE my dogs, my family, my food and Toastmasters. Laughing is a part of my daily routine. I wear sweat pants most of the time and and really comfortable socks. Walking trails and beaches are always nearby.