I have been interested in anti-aging since I discovered my first grey hair. That was the day I realized that if I was going to maintain my health, stay active and retain my mental abilities it was going to take a bit of effort. The medical profession has done an excellent job of extending our lifespan, it has not done as well extending our healthspan.

I started studying publications in the field of health and wellness, took a few courses in nutrition and even worked in the holistic field of live blood cell analysis. I discovered that there is a vast amount of information available about health. Every day we are showered with advice, but most of it is insufficiently researched, contradictory and sometimes downright weird.

There are a few things we can all do to retain our health and vitality until the day we die, and they are surprisingly simple:-  Get enough good quality sleep, exercise and do your best to eat well. Everything else is just fiddling at the margins.

Good Health In A Nutshell

But what kind of exercise?

An effective exercise routine should incorporate both cardio and weight resistance. It should also be something you enjoy doing – or you will not stick to it.

And what is “healthy eating”?

All the studies point to diets that incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It is not necessary to become a vegetarian or a vegan, but in general it is recommended that you limit your consumption of red meats.

The most startling thing I discovered in my studies is that no matter what kind of life you have already led, aging is reversible. If you perform a good habit for three years, the effect on your body is as if you’ve done it your entire life. Even better, within three months of changing a behavior, you can start to measure a difference in your life expectancy.

As A Wellness Consultant

If you are looking to improve your own health and fitness and don’t know where to start I would love to help you with products and evidence-based programs that are simple to follow, affordable and effective.

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B.A. York University, Toronto

M.L.S., University of Wales, Aberystwyth, U.K


Evidence-Based Nutrition, The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Certified Nordixx Polewalking Instructor

Certificate of Achievement in Nutritional Microscopy, Holistic Careers Inc., Calgary Alberta