Now it is officially the new year, I wanted to share my 4 best tips for making it healthier:-

#1 Make Exercise Fun

I always looked upon exercise as an annoying obligation. I dislike gyms, I am a terrible runner, and consider at  home workouts boring. But I love walking and being outdoors. And when a friend introduced me to Nordic Pole Walking I finally found something I enjoyed. I started looking upon my pole walking time as that special time of the day where I was doing something just for me.

So what do you enjoy? Do you like dancing? Yoga? Kickboxing? Biking? Find out, and you will start to regard exercise as an adventure. And then find a friend to do it with. Not only will this make your workout more fun, it’s a lot harder to bail.

Exercise is an amazing way to recharge if you just allow it to be.

# 2 Clean Up Your Diet

It is very fashionable lately to “detox”. Not only is this not sustainable, it can be dangerous. Better to cool it on the fried food, alcohol (I’m not saying no alcohol, let’s not be crazy here), and any other food that doesn’t make you feel your best. Load your plate with lots of vegetables, healthy fats (like avocados & nuts) and minimally processed grains.

Figure out what makes YOU feel best and remember, what works for others may not necessarily work for you. And leave room for the occasional treat. An extreme approach will only set you up to fail.

#3 Get Enough Sleep

If you do not get enough sleep you are setting yourself up to fail health-wise. Sleep is vital to overall health, important for recovery from workouts and necessary in our attempts to eat healthy. Lack of sleep unregulates a hormone called ghrelin that makes you hungry. That is why it often seems that we are ravenous (usually for sugar) if we are overtired. Here is an excellent article on how to get more sleep. Check it out:



#4 Don’t Make Resolutions. Try Daily Action

I am not big on making new year’s resolutions. They are usually too big and overwhelming and can be hard to translate into real action.  Make your goals specific and measurable, focusing on daily action in the short term.

So instead of saying “I am going to exercise more this year”, try “I will do three, 20 minute workouts every week”. Or, instead of “I will lose weight this year”, say “I will eat at least one extra vegetable every day”.

These give you something specific and measurable to focus on and achieving the original resolution will be the side effect.