healthThe start of a new year is the time many of us set new goals and plan to better ourselves in the months ahead. Here are 15 tips to make the coming year your healthiest yet.

  1. Wear a Pedometer. Experts recommend taking 10,000 steps every day. This is roughly equivalent to a 30 minute workout. Once you start watching your pedometer you will see how easy it is to hit this mark.
  2. Set Smaller Goals. Instead of one big goal, set several smaller ones and give yourself a reward each time you reach one. As the rewards pile up so will your confidence.
  3. Discover Your “Why”. Before settling on a resolution ask yourself “why do I want to do this?” If you truly know why and focus on that reasoning you will be much more likely to continue working towards it.
  4. Eat Less. Western societies have seen a surge in meal sizes and waistlines over the past decade. Use smaller plates when serving meals at home and ask for a takeout box before you are served in a restaurant, so you can immediately set aside half the meal for later.
  5. Eat More. Eat smaller meals more often. Some people find that consuming five small meals a day, made up primarily of fruit and vegetables, is more helpful for weight management and appetite control.
  6. Find a Wellness Buddy. If you partner with a friend who has similar health goals you will both be more likely to reach them.
  7. Try Something New.
  8. Stay Hydrated. Drinking lots of liquid helps your body process impurities in the food you eat, helps prevent between meal hunger pangs, reduces the amount of calories consumed at meals and helps to keep your skin vibrant. Drinking a glass of water between meals also gets your digestive processes in gear.
  9. Avoid White. Most white foods such as bread, pasta, table sugar, starchy pastries and even potatoes are primarily concentrated carbohydrates with high glycemic indexes. It is a good idea to avoid them or keep them as minor parts of your diet.
  10. Eat More Fish. There is a multitude of evidence that people who eat fish several times a week experience wonderful health benefits.
  11. Avoid Fad Diets. Diets that advertise themselves as being miracles for your health, weight and looks are more often than not empty promises. Understand that healthy eating combined with regular physical activity are the only real guaranteed ways to be healthy and lose weight.
  12. Relax.  When was the last time you set aside time for the sole purpose of relaxing?  Making regular time to relax in the coming year will keep you feeling good in mind and body.
  13. Quit a Bad Habit. Whether it is drinking too much, wasting too much time on the computer, focusing too much on negative thoughts, there is no better time than now to give it up.
  14. Change Your Focus. One of the most powerful ways to experience change for the better is to simply focus on the positive aspects of your life and let go of negative thoughts. Focusing on the positive will attract more positive people and experiences into your life.
  15. Get in Touch With Yourself. Modern living is fast-paced and because of this we often do not realize a problem is coming until it is too late to prevent it. If your shoulders are tight you are probably stressed. Spend a few minutes every day “listening” to your body in order to find out what it needs.


** Many thanks to Dr. Dwight McKee of Life Plus International for his input on this article.